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/n TruFat™ is a Ketogenic MCT oil dietary supplement that is designed to aid in metabolism health and weight loss. MCT oils are made from medium-chain triglycerides, which makes them easier and faster to digest, which turns into fast energy. TruFat™ is composed of coconut oil and acacia fibers and is designed to enhance all of your ketogenic supplements. The oil suppresses hunger, has the potential to increase brain power, aids in gut and digestive health, and gives you the energy to get through the day or push through a workout. A single teaspoon has about 14g of fat, which will help users stay in ketosis. The ketogenic MCT oil dietary supplement has virtually no taste, making it easy to mix into your keto supplements.

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Prinova M200

- MCT 70% on Acacia from Coconut

- 70% MCT from Coconut

- 30% Acacia Fiber

- Premium taste, solubility and color

- Ingredient Deck: MCT, Acacia Fiber

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Give your keto products the boost they need with TruFat™ from Prinova. Looking to try it out or get more info?