Non-Stim e-Sport Nootropic

Patent pending

Pilot Study

Speed, Accuracy, and Concentration

What is


  • Patent Pending Cognitive Supplement
  • One Pilot study* showing to improve cognitive functions across six cognitive domains:
    This cognitive repair supplement has shown signs of repairing key areas of brain function, including spatial memory, emotional identification, instant verbal memory, information processing, flexible thinking, and executive function.
  • Dosage – 1.25g/day
  • The cognitive repair supplement should be taken once a day, in the morning with food, for results in approximately 2 months
  • Applications – Capsule
  • *Open-Label Longitudinal Study

Dr. Shawn Watson

Leading Neuroscientist collaborating with Prinova and Founder of SLS Nutraceuticals

SLS was founded on the belief that brain health is an essential component of healthy living and that everyone can take an active role in maintaining their cognitive performance. This vision stems from our Founder and CEO Dr. Shawn Watson’s first-hand experience in witnessing the devastating impact of dementia on his own family.

Passionate about the cause Dr. Watson pursued a PhD in Neuroscience, investigating why the brain suffers from a progressive decline in brain function as we age. His endeavors led to a breakthrough discovery that uncovered evidence to support the exciting possibility that age-related cognitive decline may be a reversible process. SLS grew from this discovery and is on a mission to leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to create innovative products designed to protect and preserve brain function. A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy life.

Neuroscope™ is a multi-faceted cognitive supplement that has the potential to increase six key areas of brain function.

Western Neuroscience Meets Eastern Medicine

Centella Asiatica
Increase GPx Activity, Slow PLA Activity
Increases Lipid Repair
Protect Lipids Bind Fatty Acids
Korean Ginseng
Anti-Oxidant, Slow PLA Acitivity, Increase GST Activity
Increases Lipid Repair
Removes Toxins
α - Lipoic Acid
Recycled α-Tocopherol
Enable Lipid Repair Increase GPx
Removes Toxins
Increases Repair


Give your e-sport supplement a cognitive enhancement that has science standing behind it! Review our pilot studies of our multi-faceted cognitive supplement today to learn more about the effects of NeuroScope™ for gamers.