Transform your product with water-soluble CBD.

HydroBond CBD™ is the flagship product in Prinova’s wide offering of premium cannabinoid ingredients. Made through our proprietary in-house process, it’s highly soluble, fully traceable, clean-tasting, and available as both a powder and a water-soluble liquid.

Learn how HydroBond ingredients can help you bring the benefits of CBD and other unique cannabinoids to end-use products.

Choose from two formulation-ready options.

Water soluble powder 20%

Readily dispersible in liquid, HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Powder provides a gentle mineral water flavor and a clear-white color.

water soluble liquid 5%

HydroBond CBD Water Soluble Liquid blends in with whatever you add it to—no flavor or color masking needed.

Six simple reasons to choose HydroBond CBD™

Clean taste & odor

HydroBond CBD has no strong flavor or smell, making it the clear choice over other, more herbaceous CBD extracts.

Clear traceability

Hydrobond CBD is made from raw materials produced by Open Book Extracts. Though our partnership, we provide total traceability.

High solubility

As a liquid, HydroBond CBD is 100% soluble. And as a powder, it’s 100% dispersible.

Trusted quality

We produce HydroBond CBD in a cGMP Food Grade facility.

Fast absorption

Our proprietary process forms CBD particles that are significantly smaller than particles in CBD oil.


HydroBond CBD is guaranteed .03% THC, showing as undetectable in Certificates of Analysis (COA).

The HydroBond CBD origin story

We make no secret about HydroBond CBD’s journey to your formulation: We source the raw CBD material from Open Book Extracts, then refine it using our patented nano-emulsion and spray-drying process.

Extend your therapeutic offering with Hydrobond™ Minor Cannabinoids

Prinova offers the latest in technology around minor cannibinoids through these water soluble powder forms that are tasteless, odorless, and contain zero additives:

HydroBond™ CBC

This minor cannabinoid offers properties that fit within categories related to inflammation and pain sensitivity.

HydroBond™ CBG

This particular phytocannabinoid offers properties that fit within categories such as aches, fatigue and tension.

HydroBond™ CBN

This minor cannabinoid fits within the category of meditative tranquility and relaxation.

HydroBond™ THCV - Coming Soon

This minor cannabinoid offers an array of effects that fit within categories related to appetite and anxiety, among others.

Here’s how Hydrobond CBD fits your applications.

HydroBond CBD Liquid

Clean taste. No odor. 100% solubility.

HydroBond CBD Powder

100% soluble. Clean label.

HydroBond CBD Powder or Liquid

Clean taste. No odor. Smaller CBD particles.

HydroBond CBD Powder

No odor. No hemp aftertaste. Clean label. Smaller CBD particles.

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