Beef Protein Isolate

Real Whole Food Nutrition

Dairy-like mouthfeel


What is


Hydrobeef™ is a beef protein isolate for protein powders made from Grass-fed EU origin cows. As an allergen-free, whole food protein source, Hydrobeef™ is ideal as a stand-alone protein source, or as a primary protein driver in meal replacements. The protein isolate is pure and easy to absorb. In addition, as an isolate, it is an almost pure protein with no carbs or fats. This makes it perfect for those looking to limit carbs and fats in their diets. Manufactured by industry leader Essentia in Sweden – quality is unmatched. Sensory experience is similar to whey. Despite the lack of fats and carbs, great taste is achievable in sweet and savory applications. Beef protein isolate for protein powders is a versatile formulation that can be used in powder form, protein bars, dietary protein meal replacements, and more. Hydrobeef™ high-quality protein isolate has the potential to increase muscle mass and muscle recovery, letting athletes push their limits during training.

  • 97% Protein
  • Grass-fed from EU origin cows
  • Great taste and Solubility
  • Zero Carb, Zero Fat
  • Hormone Free
  • Viscosity similar to Whey Protein

- Ideal for 30-50% inclusion in RTM

- Labeled: Beef Protein Isolate

- Great solubility at 90% inclusion rate in RTM

- Labeled: Beef Protein Isolate, Sunflower Lecithin

Formulation Concepts

Beef Protein Stand Alone

  • 20g Hydrobeef Instant
  • Nat flavor/sweetener

Meal Replacement w/ “Real Whole Food Protein”

  • 45g Hydrobeef
  • 1g Chicken Protein
  • 1g Salmon Protein
  • 75g of carb source
  • Flavor/sweetener


HydroBeef™ is the real whole food nutrition that is an ideal stand-alone protein source. Find out more today!