Formulate a more effective amino acid recovery solution

EAAlpha™ is a patented, clinically studied blend of nine essential amino acids (EAAs) plus Arginine, meticulously balanced to provide an optimal ratio for building muscle.

Available on its own as a hero ingredient or with supporting flavors from Prinova, EAAlpha™ is clinically tested to be more effective than branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), generic EAAs, and whey protein. And that makes it the perfect muscle-growth solution for formulators looking to offer end users an amino acid formulation.

The next generation of amino acid formulation


contain only three essential amino acids, and were shown to be highly ineffective compared to EAAlpha™ in clinical research.


are more advanced formulas that include all nine essential amino acids, but aren’t formulated to ratios based on clinical research.


is a patented EAA blend, optimized by over 20 years of clinical research and tested to be effective in muscle protein synthesis.

Six key ways EAAlpha™ stands out among protein supplements

3x More Efficient Than Whey

Clinical trials showed EAAlpha™ to be three-times more efficient than whey protein for stimulating muscle growth1.

32x More Efficient Than BCAAs

Comparative analysis indicates that EAAlpha™ completely outperforms BCAAs with 32X more efficiency in stimulating muscle growth.

Heat Stability

Compatible with carbonated, hot-fill and aseptic beverages, EAAlpha™ packs the muscle-building capabilities of protein—without the functionality hassle.

Vegan + Non-GMO

EAAlpha™ is made with vegan amino acids, allowing it to be a welcome part of a wide range of diets and lifestyles.

Light Beverage Experience

Low in viscosity, EAAlpha™ provides a lighter experience than whey, allowing for non-irritating drinks that can be enjoyed right before, during, or after a workout.

26 Clinical Studies

EAAlpha™ is the product of over 20 years of clinical research. All studies are published after human clinical trials using muscle biopsy analysis.

A 3.7g serving can provide:

Unmatched muscle protein synthesis (MPS)

(N=23 Participants, Analysis by muscle biopsy1)

In clinical trials, EAAlpha™ produced significantly higher MPS than both BCAAs and whey protein.

Better injury recovery

(N=16 Participants, Hip or knee injury participants2)

Participants in an injury recovery study recovered 8X faster when they took EAAlpha™.

Data from a 5-year, 1.2 million dollar study conducted at the University of Arkansas for medical sciences Note: Results of EAAlpha vs Standard care improvement rates

Higher digestibility

EAAlpha™ achieved a much higher Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS)3 than whey protein.

1. International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference 2019, Improved Muscle Protein Synthesis is Achieved with 3.6g of Free Form Essential Amino Acid Ingestion in Elderly David D. Church1, Arny A. Ferrando1, and Robert R. Wolfe1, 1Department of Geriatrics, Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging, Center for Translational Research in Aging & Longevity, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, USA.

2. Ferrando AA, Bamman MM, Schutzler SE, Spencer HJ, Evans RP, Wolfe RR, Increased nitrogen intake following hip arthroplasty expedites muscle strength recovery. Journal of Aging: Research and Clinical Practice 2013; 2(4): 369, 2013.

3. **The comparison is between different studies, but the studies were conduced in the same facility and the same protocols were used. The following papers are the refs for the graph. The 3.6 gm dosage is Improved Muscle Protein Synthesis is Achieved with 3.6g of Free Form Essential Amino Acid Ingestion in Elderly David D. Church1, Arny A. Ferrando1, and Robert R. Wolfe1. Paddon-Jones D, Sheffield-Moore M, Zhang X-J, Katsanos CS, Wolfe RR. Differential stimulation of muscle protein synthesis in elderly humans following isocaloric ingestion of amino acids or whey protein. Exp Gerontol 41:215-219, 2006. Katsansos CS, Kobayashi H, Sheffield-Moore M, Aarsland A, Wolfe RR. A high proportion of leucine is required for optimal stimulation of the rate of muscle protein synthesis by essential amino acids in the elderly. Am J Physiol Endocriol Metab 291:E381-E387, Aug 2006. FERRANDO, A. A., B. D. WILLIAMS, C. A. STUART, H. W. LANE, AND R. R. WOLFE. Oral branched chain amino acids decrease whole-body proteolysis. J.P.E.N. 19:47-54, 1995.

Fortify any formula with multiple EAAlpha™ options

EAAlpha™ packs the muscle building power of protein, with the functionality commonly associated with amino acids. Give your customers the results they’re looking for with any of the following options.

Powder RTM

Hot-Fill Beverage

Carbonated Beverage

Aseptic Beverage

Supported by a massive body of essential amino acid research

EAAlpha™ was created by Dr Robert Wolfe, a leading expert in amino acids, exercise metabolism and nutrition. Thanks to his extensive research—including over 600 scholarly articles and five books—EAAlpha™ is the most widely studied essential amino acid system on the market.

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As the leading US ingredient distributor of dietary supplements, Prinova knows what it takes to bring a product from concept to market up to. Whether you’re looking to include EAAlphaTM as a flavored pre-mix or a complete custom EAA beverage product, our experts are here to help.

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