CitraPeak is a premium, clinically studied form of glucosyl hesperidin. It's a unique additive with all the biological functions of standard hesperidin — like vasodilation and pump effects — and none of the solubility issues. As the industry's first fully soluble glucosyl hesperidin, it is easy to combine into your pre-workout formulations. CitraPeak activates quickly, making it an ideal, one-of-a-kind pump ingredient for pre-workout applications. Glucosyl hesperidin comes from citruses and helps increase circulation. This helps increase energy and physical output during a workout, making it an ideal ingredient in pre-workout formulas. A fully soluble glucosyl hesperidin, such as CitraPeak™, has no taste or in mouthfeel, is safe to use, and helps athletes be at their best.


Zest up your pre‑workout formula

Naturally derived from citrus peels, CitraPeak is everything health-conscious fitness enthusiasts want a supplement to be: clean, effective and virtually flavorless. When included in pre-workout products, it provides several of the effects end users are looking for.

A 200mg serving can provide:

30-minute release

CitraPeak is 100% soluble and highly bioavailable, leading to tangible sensations within 30 minutes¹.


Better blood flow

Clinical research has shown CitraPeak to provide an 18% increase² in blood flow and pleasant thermogenic effect³.


Nitric oxide pump effect

CitraPeak is broken down in the body into hesperetin, which has been linked to increased release of nitric oxide⁴ and related pump effects.

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